Layla’s Room by Sabrina Mahfouz

Layla’s Room
by Sabrina Mahfouz
‘Mahfouz’s poetic script fizzes with energy’ The Independent
For Layla, every day is a battleground. The pay gap, the thigh gap, over-sexed pop and selfies that are photoshopped – they’re just part of the world she lives in.
But Layla’s world is about to change.
While breaking out of her bedroom – and with drama, comedy, poetry and music as her weapons – Layla breaks down and makes sense of the realities, difficulties and absurdities of teenage life in the UK today.
Collected from a bespoke national survey, the voices of a thousand UK teens are brought to life in Layla. Their ambitions, concerns, role-models and regrets are woven together by award-winning Sabrina Mahfouz (★★★★★, Clean, The Independent) and Theatre Centre (★★★★★, Rise Up, The Morning Star) and offer a hard-hitting yet hopeful story of how girls just wanna have fun-damental human rights.

Teaming up with some amazing creatives for this UK tour, Setfree Projects Ltd have been on board producing the stage set for this imaginative and powerful piece of theatre.

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